Duskwall (or Doskvol), a haunted, industrial port city on the northern shores of the mighty Akorosi Empire, formed by the survivors of the grand cataclysm that shattered the old world 850 years ago. No one knows what happened exactly, but the Sun went out, the ocean turned ink-black, and the old continents were torn asunder into a handful of Shattered Isles, most of which were soon overrun by ravenous ghosts, as the spirits of the deceased stopped passing into the afterlife. The remnants of humanity built an industrial civilization over the ruins of old, eventually learning to keep the ghosts away from their cities with enormous lightning barriers powered by the blood of the eldritch leviathans from the Void Sea. Duskwall is one of these cities, and most of the blood harvested by leviathan hunters passes through here on its way to the rest of the Empire. As one may expect, the city has too much money, too much corruption, and too little law for its own good — in other words, it’s just perfect for a band of ambitious scoundrels set to carve out their own little slice of hell.

Darkness Shows the Stars

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